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IRA Non-Recourse Loans

America’s IRA Non-Recourse Lender™

IRA Lending™ in all 50 States 

Your Self-Directed IRA can purchase investment real estate as another
form of a tax-sheltered retirement investment (consult your tax advisor).
Using financing to purchase these investments allows for diversification
without tying up all of your IRA funds.

The IRS requires a non-recourse loan for all real estate purchases that use
leverage with a self-directed IRA. North American Savings Bank is
America's IRA Non- Recourse Lender that specializes in helping you obtain
debt non-recourse loans which are used with a Self-Directed IRA.

NASB offers a unique financing program for the purchase of rental property
with a real estate IRA. Loan approval is generally within 48 hours of receipt
of a full and complete NASB application. Non-recourse financing is subject
to a satisfactory appraisal, intention of property, and verification of
self-directed IRA funds for closing. Click here for Frequently Asked Questions
on non-recourse debt financing with respect to real estate IRA investments.

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